NEW: Cash-flow and Debt Management Solutions!     $395

A lot of people are having cash flow and/or debt management problems in today's economy. Even though the stock market is up and the upper class is doing great, most working and middle-class people are still struggling with reduced incomes and loss of jobs, higher health insurance and medical costs, and just plain bad luck.


 There are legal and practical resolutions, sometimes, to these problems. However, filing a bankruptcy, either a Chapter 7 (liquidation)'s or a Chapter 13 (a court-enforced installment payment plan) often is not suitable for many people. Just the costs alone – over $300 to file and $1500 to $3500 for attorney's fees (locally) make those options unattainable.


 However, in my 30+ years of income/debt management solutions experience, only about 10 to 15% of my clients benefit from bankruptcy options even if they qualify and can pay for them. If I had $5 for every "bad filing" that I've seen, I could pay for an extended stay at the most expensive Trump resort!


 The fact is, that most people do not need and will not benefit from a bankruptcy filing.



 Here is the new LOW COST program that I've designed to help people deal with income/debt management problems:


- review a questionnaire that you have filled out summarizing their assets, debts, income, expenses,   and recent major financial transactions.


- analyze your cash flow, debt loads, asset values and exemptions, and other significant financial data


 - explain which of six options to deal with such problems are available for you


-  provide advice and guidance as to which option makes the most sense for you


-  help you implement the preferred option.



 Here are the six potential options:


1.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy


2.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy


3.  A Consumer Credit Counseling Services installment plan


4.  A composition of creditors (which is a quick, informal, discounted compromise settlement  with creditors


5.  An informal reorganization of one's financial situation which may include a sale or downsizing of significant assets, cutting unnecessary expenses,  and other smart reworking of one's budget


6.  Notifying creditors that you are judgment proof (uncollectible) and utilizing federal and state supported creditor notices to stop collection activity.



 Which one is right for you!


For $395, I can provide you with an honest analysis and a program which works best for you. (The implementation of whatever program you select is not included in this fee and any extra fees can be mutually determined depending on what which program you select and how much you can do and what I need to do. In some cases there will be no extra fees.)


 Since I am no longer doing bankruptcy filings, if a bankruptcy filing is the program that works for you, I can refer you to another attorney who does concentrate on bankruptcy filings. I can and will help to implement the other four potential options.


 Federal law requires that I disclose the following: I am a debt relief agency. I assist people who may decide to file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.