Bogus IRS calls still being made!

 I have heard from several clients and others that they are receiving phone calls from the IRS informing them of open claims and investigations regarding their tax situations. People are being threatened with lawsuits, judgments, levies, and worse.


 You can safely ignore these calls!


 The IRS does not call and assert claims against taxpayers. They always provide written notice with great details about any claims against you, to give you sufficient time to review and to respond to these claims.


 If you do get one of these calls, either hang up, or tell them that you will report them to the Federal Trade Commission or the New York State Attorney General’s office. It would be helpful if you capture their phone number to provide to the governmental enforcement authorities.


 Do not provide them with any personal information, especially charge card or bank account details.


 If you feel you need more help please about these calls or any other tax matters with the IRS or New York State Department of Taxation and Finance contact the John Suda Law Firm.

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